Exterior Paint

Aura Exterior Paint


Exclusive Color Lock technology provides the ultimate performance for rich, full color and unprecedented durability. 

ben Exterior Paint


User-friendly paint for flawless results and beautiful transformations.

Regal Select Exterior Paint


Adheres beautifully to hard-to-coat surfaces creating a durable, robust finish. 

Regal Select Exterior High Build Paint


Offers optimum coverage for added protection and durability in fewer coats. 

Regal Select Exterior REVIVE for Vinyl Siding


Specially formulated for optimal performance on vinyl siding and trim, for a fresh look in a wide range of colors. 

Floor & Patio Latex Enamels


A premium quality, quick-drying latex floor enamel with great color and gloss retention that can be used for interior or exterior surfaces. 

Ultra Spec HP D.T.M Acrylic Enamels


 Ultra Spec® HP D.T.M. Acrylic Enamels provide excellent rust inhibition for superior corrosion control and protection for metal substrates. 

Ultra Spec Masonry Products


 A family of products used to penetrate, seal, protect and beautify new or previously painted masonry surfaces. 

Ultra Spec Masonry Acry Latex Satin


 A professional-quality paint formulated to fill, seal, and finish in one application both interior and exterior surfaces. 

Super Spec HP DTMS


 Designed to perform as direct to metal and primer finish. Both coats of the product provide rust inhibition for superior rust control. 

Super Spec HP Urethanes


 Urethane coatings are available in two types, both of which contain isocyanates and are crosslinked with moisture. 

Ultra Spec EXT Paint


Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits. Utra Spec EXT Paint is a professional-quality exterior coating designed to meet the needs of professional painting contractors, facility managers, property managers, and specifiers. 

Corotech Alkyd Enamels


Our durable alkyd enamels are designed for the needs of professionals, from quick dry spray-optimized paints to multipurpose brush and roll systems. 

Corotech High-Performance Epoxies


Rugged two-component epoxies for masonry and steel. Apply in commercial, industrial and select residential spaces. 

Corotech High-Performance Urethanes


Long lasting color, durability and gloss even in the harshest environments. 

Corotech Specialty Enamels


 A collection of specialty products, including enamels for electrostatic spraying and high-heat resistance. 

Corotech Waterborne Enamels


Multipurpose paints that blend rugged protection, lower VOC and easy application. 

Benjamin Moore Professional Line Of Prep Products


The Benjamin Moore Professional Products Portfolio is a complete assortment of quality-driven products engineered to provide a competitive business solution for large commercial projects. 

Impervex Latex High Gloss


Quick-drying, high gloss enamel providing outstanding rust inhibition with excellent color retention and weather resistance. 

Studio Finishes


Creative glazes, metallics, faux finishes and unique effects that transform surfaces into works of art. 

Aura Color Foundation


Intended as a base coat, when needed, to achieve certain desired colors. 

Aura Grand Entrance


Brings rich, vivid color and exceptional durability to your interior/exterior doors and trim. 

***Please note that some products are NOT stocked in-store, but are available to purchase by order, in-store only. If it's not on the shelf, it can still be ordered.