2018 Trends



Wall color: Caliente AF-290

Strong, Radiant, Full of Energy


 Aura Color Stories bathroom. Featuring (WALLS): Stoneware CSP-245, Aura Bath & Spa, Matte (DETAIL TRIM): Andes Summit CSP-600, Aura, Semi-Gloss (CEILING): Tomato Tango CSP-1145, Aura Bath & Spa, Matte 


 Wall color: Paper White OC-55

Wall: Aura® Bath & Spa, Matte 


 Residential interior featuring kitchen.

Color (Cabinets): Char Brown 2137-20, Advance, Satin. 


 Regional Southeast Photography featuring bedroom. Featuring (WALLS): Pristine OC-75, Regal® Select, Matte (TRIM): White Opulence OC-69, Regal® Select, Semi-Gloss (CEILING): White Opulence OC-69, Regal® Select, Flat 


Residential interior entry. Featuring

Color A (Hallway walls): Jute AF-80, Aura, Eggshell.
Color B (Door): Exhale AF-515, Aura Exterior, Semi-Gloss.
Color C: (Kitchen cabinets): Pashmina AF-100, Regal Select, Eggshell. 

2018 Popular Colors


From Left to Right:

Color One: Breath of Fresh Air 806

Color Two: Blue Danube 2062-30

Color Three: Blue Hydrangea 2062-60

Color Four: White Satin 2067-70

Color Five: Patriot Blue 2064-20

Color Six: Gentleman's Gray 2062-20

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From Left to Right:

Color One: Caliente AF-290

Color Two: Dinner Party AF-300

Color Three: Ravishing Red 2009-10

Color Four: Texas Rose 2092-40

Color Five: Cranberry Cocktail 2083-20

Color Six: Deep Poinsettia 2091-30


From Left to Right:

Color One: Pelladian Blue HC-144

Color Two: Blue Echo AF-505

Color Three: Sea Star 2123-30

Color Four: Jack Pine 602

Color Five: Iceberg 2122-50

Color Six: Silver Marlin 2130-50


From Left to Right:

Color One: Super Nova 1414

Color Two: Iced Mauve 2115-20

Color Three: Excalibur Gray 2116-50

Color Four: Luxe AF-580

Color Five: Caponata AF-650

Color Six: Shadow 2117-30


From Left to Right:

Color One: Wickham Gray HC-171

Color Two: Silver Fox 2108-50

Color Three: Gray Owl OC-52

Color Four: Stormy Monday 2112-50

Color Five: Stone 2112-40

Color Six: Sparrow AF-720